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battleground states may be involved as well. both of the campaigns are adjusting their schedule due to the weather. reporter jim was and i was as romney tried to win over voters. >> mitt romney traveled to iowa to deliver a major speech on the economy. the speech was no change from his speech earlier this when the real change big change. chich >> a new stimulus. this makes--it will not back as the one dead four years ago. >> according to the government web site the company won't receive is more business from through the stimulus for the $1 million. romney speech came on the same day that the government announced that the economy had grown by 2% and that it beat estimates. so >> and slow the economy's slow take home ba pay. >> one of his--stated that colen powell endorsed president obama and due to his race. >> after a long campaign does almost reached it is in keeping the candace straight is almost a challenge. we will put america on a new craft and a new day with a new president. it will be president obama. pardon me mitt romney. >> among them proposition 32 is built as a way to cu
. >> diners received one of mitt romney's cookies and one of miss obama is cookies. he stated that romney's cookies took the lead. >> at the ste. lively cupcakes and cookies are decked out in election stout. >> i'd think that people appreciate the likeness of this. >> this menu has inspired dishes by both candidates. >> a reminder that kron 4 will have extended coverage on election night on tuesday at 8:00 p.m.. you can stay updated on, our facebook page and a our twitter to page. >> this monkey was born just before the giants went on a winning streak. after this the zoo started hearing suggestions from fans and they chose to name the monkey romo. >> you can catch this one hour special on sunday at 7:00 p.m. on kron4. >> i am marty and i and jan like the that you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow morning. >> (singing)
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2